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Grades 1-5

Elementary School is an important and exciting time in a child’s life. The St. Anselm Community is proud of our student-centered learning environment fostering academic development and growth. Our curriculum and instruction are aligned with the San Francisco Archdiocesan standards. The students utilize technology, small math and reading groups, as well as our Resource department to differentiate instruction. Beyond our talented and dedicated teaching staff, the classrooms have instructional aides, a reading specialist, resource teacher, counselor, and IT Manager.

Language Arts – St. Anselm offers our students a comprehensive language arts program using the Scott Foresman reading series. As part of our rich curriculum, the students also participate in Literature Circles/Reading Centers, as well as read grade level appropriate novels. We also offer an Accelerated reading group for our students who thrive from the extra challenge.

Math – Our math curriculum is the Houghton Mifflin Go Math series. All of our students are grouped into small math groups taught by the homeroom teacher and a math specialist. The curriculum is rigorous and develops critical thinking and problem-solving techniques to help students gain a strong foundation in math.

Religion – First through Fifth grade students use the Faith First religion text, which includes age-appropriate concepts about the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The program is designed to meet the unique learning and faith development needs of elementary school children. All classes attend monthly school Masses and pray daily in the classroom

Science - Our lower grades science specialist teaches thematic small-group lessons to our classes. She uses hands-on activities supported by many visual aids, including books, posters, models, and demonstrations.

Social Studies – Students are introduced to people and customs of their community, state and the world around them.

Spanish- Taught by the lower grades Spanish teacher, students in grades 1-5 enjoy two classes per week, where they learn basic words, numbers, songs, and games.

Art-The children attend a weekly art class taught by our lower grades art instructor where they explore through a variety of media.

Music-1-5th grade students attend music class once a week. They learn music by creating, performing, and responding. The students also have the opportunity to join the school and church choir. The goal of our music curriculum is to foster a love of music and build the self-confidence that comes from the development of skills and performance.

Technology- Technology is integrated to various degrees in all subjects. IPads, Mac Books, and Chrome Books are the primary technology tools used in the classrooms.

P.E.-Twice a week, grades 1st-5th attend P.E. with our Physical Education teacher. St. Anselm School follows the Rhythm and Moves curriculum.

Library-Students visit the library weekly where they learn how to use the library, check out books at their accelerated reading level, and to cultivate a lifelong love of reading.